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4ways 4ward. A runner game with no running.


One team, four lives. Keep the team going and unveil each other's story. But things happen in life. And then, what do we do now? What if our choices ruins your dearests' life?

How to play

  • Press spacebar to walk, release to stop and switch to the next character
  • Interact with object by stopping at them


If an object is near the character who is stopping, she will interact with the object by remembering memories of her life, thus affecting positively or negatively the global mood meter at the top of the screen.If the mood meter falls to zero, game over.

To reach the end of the path at the far right, you must learn the story of each character and their common story. This means knowing the character-object combinations in order to keep the mood meter high.

Interesting Notes

The furry characters were added because we wanted to draw anthropomorphic characters based on local animals (the designing team come from Alsace, East of France) : a stork, an european hamster, a fox and a bear (ok we don't have so many bear here).


Antoine Schmoll : Graphics/Animation/Game Concept
Gilles Noeppel : Game Concept/Ressources/Croissants
Jeremy Touitou : Game Concept/Scenario/Audio
Julien Doudoux : Programming/Messing with the team name

Big thanks to the Ludus Académie Strasbourg for hosting us during the Global Game Jam 2015


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What a lovely game. Hugely imaginative one-switch adventure / memory game.

Would love to host it here too with links back to your itch.io page: http://oneswitch.org.uk/art.php?id=111 - Please let me know if possible. There are very few adventure type games that are so accessible. I can also make it work with a latching switch for those who find it difficult to hold a switch down.